Skiing Magazine

During the course of my second year, we had to produce another magazine article, this time using a different piece of Adobe Software, this time it was InDesign, this is where you can create double page spreads for magazines. Before I started to use this, the design of the magazine had to be done on Photoshop and then saved as a JPEG to be transferred over to InDesign. Seeing as I want to get good grades throughout, i went to do a design that was too complex (skies in a cross and writing round the gaps) but after some consideration it didn’t work and had to do rethink the idea. This time I had come up with having an article where the reader could view the page through a pair of goggles- as you can see below! Again, like the Harry Potter article I already knew what I wanted to say because I have been to all of the resorts mentioned! Happy Ready! Well thats if you can see the text. All of the photos used are from different places ive experience and enjoyed. Skiing is one of my favourite sports- this is why I chose to do this particular topic. Skiing Magazine Article Kristian Chateau


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