Stop motion animation- using MS Powerpoint and it is harder than you think!

One of my recent assignments from my second year at college was using MS (Microsoft PowerPoint) to create a stop motion animation. This sounds simple, but it is easier said than done! One of the main reasons for this is because you have to pay attention to detail with everything! If one thing goes wrong you have to go back to the original slide to put it right and then this means you have to start over- well most probably. If you are wondering how I have made this, it was by using the shape tool then grouping shapes together. This was the easy part, but when creating the stop motion you have to move the object ever so slightly and if you want to be really creative you have to ungroup certain things and then move the “thing” and then group it together once it is done. Try it for yourselves, you may have hidden talent for something like this! Good Luck! The photo below is what I created on Photoshop. Stop motion


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