Car radio advert- the longer version of the ad.

Radio unit

During the first year of the level 3 course we had to come up with a radio advert. This was made by using Adobe Audition. This software allows you to edit and cut pieces of music or any type of sound you like. The advert is about two young girls who have finished there last day at school and driving home, the phone goes and the girls have an accident. The message for this advert is to don’t answer your phone whilst driving as it can lead to serious consequences. Like one of the other pieces of software (InDesign), I haven’t used this before so it was the first time editing sound on it. Once you get the hang of using the Adobe Editing Software, like Audition, it becomes easier to use every time you use it. To date this has probably been the easiest assignments due to the fact that we were given our brief on what we had to do (which was a winter car safety advert) where as in other assignments we’ve had to come up with our own ideas for projects.



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