Crime Thriller- True Violation.

Crime ThrillerThe last assignment for the first year of the level 3 course was to create the opening of a crime thriller. This assignment was to test our video editing skills and to see what we were like at filming. Before we started filming the video we had to come up with some ideas- like any other project that you start on. One of the ideas I had come up with was “An Ex-Palmers Student has entered the college to try and assassinate the principle, a group of students find out about this and have to try and come up with a plan to catch the culprit. Things go awry and eventually the news gets out about the assassinator and the all of the students get in to panic mode apart from the few who found out first.” This wasn’t in the end used when we got into groups. The final idea was “The principle is walking down the corridor to find a student being bullied, he tells the bully to stop and the bully doesn’t. The bully is then asked to go the principal’s office. It then cuts to the principal’s office where he throws a chair at the student. In the end the principle is then having a tea party with some dead students.”

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