Pas De La Casa Skiing Holiday 2016- Memories

After the success of last years skiing to Pas De La Casa in Andorra, we decided to book our holiday there for the 2015/16 skiing season. Considering that I have already made a post about last years holiday you would probably think it would be silly to do another one. You’re wrong. This year I had decided to to take my camcorder to do some filming when skiing down the mountain but those plans were ruined because of the lack of visibility and high winds higher up the mountain. So I had an alternative to taking videos and photos, my phone. Home videos from phone are always the best instead of using a camcorder as it captures the moment. Using the photos and the videos I took on my phone I created a video to show how much fun the skiing can be even in adverse conditions. If you want to have a look at my previous video please click this link: Skiing video (Pas De La Casa Andorra). Here is the new video that I have produced.



For the weekly photo challenge I have also included a photo of a mountain range. This is mainly because of the fact that when going skiing it brings back good memories for years to come also skiing is one of my favourite sports and it’s a shame that the European skiing season is only for one season. I hope you enjoy the video that I have uploaded as well as the couple of photos that I think best represent memories.

Pub quiz Tuesdays.jpg28.jpg18.jpg







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