Skiing Night Life

A Chateau Guide to the Night Life on a skiing holiday- it isn’t just about the slopes you know!



Après Ski- What are you Après?

After an exhilarating day on the ski slopes, it is a holiday essential that you enjoy what happens once the slopes close for the day- this is called Après Ski.

Skiers can be such a diverse bunch, they can be rich or poor, young and old, able-bodied and disabled, couples and families and singles too. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at you are all equal, unless you hate ski school and want to give up completely. When you’ve finished the day the night-time fun can begin.

This article aims to give an insight to different resorts and their après ski activities on offer. Ranging from the Grandvalira in Andorra to the Paradiski in the French Alps, to the Austrian slopes in St Anton. There is a whole range of things to do once the slopes are closed.


An opportunity to try the local cuisine. Different resorts offer their own specialities, for example in the French alps you can have tartiflette which is made of cheese, potatoes and lardons. If you were to travel to somewhere like Austria, you would be able to try Germknödel which is a doughy dumpling filled with a spicy plum jam and can be served with melted butter and mixture of different poppy seeds on top. Restaurants can very from resort to resort, some can be very expensive, for example in Val Thorens  you can get the restaurant’s like John’s American or John’s Scandinavian, then if you haven’t really got the money you can go to a restaurant/nightclub like Panda which also does high quality food. Finally if you’re looking for a franchise of restaurant’s then Pas De La Casa in Andorra is the place for you as it has a McDonald’s and surprisingly a Burger King.

If you’re interested in visiting Pas De La Casa there is a split between nationalities in the town. One half the town speak Spanish and Catalan (the main Andorran language) and the other half speak French. Both sides have their own cuisine and drinks for you try.


Drinking is a must have when you are skiing and in high altitude. Water is the key to keep hydrated but during evening/night-time, the resorts are no different to what summer resorts are like. You can still get the cocktails, the beer and the wine, or if you’re in Andorra they have massive measures of gin and tonic.


If you’re not too tired the lively resorts of Val D’Isere, Val Thorens and Pas de La Casa have their own night clubs which you can dance the night away in. If this is not for you and want a peaceful holiday you’re going to have to research your resorts quietly as you could be making a mistake if you don’t. Along with this thousands of different University Students are sometimes offered cheap breaks during the winter and spring terms. You’ve been warned.

Bars and Clubs in Val D’Isere, Val Thorens and Pas De La Casa 

Bar/Pub Resort Night Club Resort
Panda Val Thorens Le Malaysia Val Thorens
O’Connell’s Pub Val Thorens Le Baramix Val Thorens
Downunder Bar Val Thorens Klub Summit Val Thorens
Kamikaze Surf Bar Pas De La Casa Underground Pas De La Casa
Paddy’s Irish Bar Pas De La Casa Bilbord Nightclub Pas De La Casa
The Dubliner Pas De La Casa Milwaukee Pas De La Casa

La Samovar Bar


Val D’Isere Dick’s Tea Bar Val D’Isere
Victors Bar Val D’Isere Doudoune Nightclub Val D’Isere
Le Jack Bar Val D’Isere Le Graal Nightclub Val D’Isere


If you haven’t had enough exercise for one day,  most resorts and the hotels in the resorts offer their own gyms and leisure centres.If you’re lucky enough you can get into these with your lift passes. There is nothing better to get rid of the aches and pains from during the day than to relax in a jacuzzi, Sauna, steam room or even if it’s just a swim in one of the pools. You can also go mad by sweating it out in the gym if you really have to the choice is yours.

Relaxing and chilling out

When you’re on a skiing holiday, apart from the actual skiing part, there is loads of time during the evening to actually relax from a long day on the slopes. This can include staying in the hotel/chalet or going out to one of your resorts bars or pubs. Some of the bars offer a pool table as well so you can socialise with other skiers and even meet new friends. The night makes the holiday feel more special because the lights from Christmas are left up all skiing season long and are switched on during the evening.


Yes you read that right! If you are looking to sunbathe whilst you are on your holiday, resorts can get very warm even though the temperature remains at either 0 degrees, or slightly below that. As you are high up, you are much closer towards the sun, you can still manage to do this. Weird, I know but true and very nice. Most restaurants that are on the ski slopes put out deck chairs for you to relax and watch the day go past if you are that type of person who likes to ski during the morning and relax during the afternoon! This has it’s advantages but you also have to think about the results for the next morning, too much alcohol  can give you a very bad headache.

Lastly, all this does come at a cost. It is well-known that ski resorts can be expensive but you only live once as they say- so make the most of it!



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