Skiing, Pas De La Casa Round Three.

It’s been a while since my last post because I haven’t really had anything to post. Since leaving college I have found it quite difficult to find either a new job or apprenticeship. This is mainly because I have no idea what I entirely want to do. When we went skiing this year I decided that I would try and find a job till October and then whilst in that job try and find a job that involved skiing, so like a ski representative job and go out to work for a travel company.

As well as trying to look for a new job, I have also  decided to make this video from the three years that we have been going to Pas De La Casa. I have gathered up photos and some videos that I have taken and decided to put them into a 3 to 4 minute film showing some of the things that we did whilst going there for our holiday. I haven’t used Premiere Pro CC since leaving college so whilst putting everything together it took some time to familiarise myself with the programme again. The video itself took about 3 to 4 hours as I had no idea where any of the editing tools were when I loaded up the piece of software but I did enjoy making it so I hope that whoever watches it will enjoy it.

Skiing has made a big impact on my life. The first time I skied, I was about 4 or 5, I hated it. Every morning when I got up I dreaded going to ski school and always made up excuses to try and get out of it. Half of the time the excuses worked, which made me happy but other times they didn’t. Fast forward a few years, I started doing adult skiing lessons because I didn’t think that the children’s skiing lessons were for me. It was only in 2013/4 that I stopped doing lessons and going out with family in the morning. This is when I began to really enjoy it because it gave me the chance to gain more confidence with going faster and it meant that there was more coffee breaks along the way! Skiing is possibly the only holiday where you can go out and play music out loud and no one can have a moan at you.

For anyone who reads this, if you ever get the chance go skiing, go! As it is a fantastic opportunity. If you haven’t read my “Skiing Night Life”  article then I suggest you should because it gives you more of an insight of what you can do whilst up in the mountains!



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