Thoughts for the world in the aftermath of yet another terrorist attack.

No one will probably read all of this, but, what is this world coming to?

2015 the Terrorists attacks in Paris, the first on a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo office block, and then again, the 13th November terror attacks at the Stad Du France, and in the Place De La Republique area- just a week after the college trip. Those memories of the trip became faded for a while and took a few weeks to come to terms with what happened.

After Paris it was Belgium, where there was three suicide bomber attacks- one at Maalbeek Station and then two at Brussels Airport. Just 4 months later we were hearing of another attack unfolding, this time in Nice where a Lorry driver drove into a promenade full of people enjoying the Bastille day celebrations.

A week before Christmas 2016 the exact same thing happened in Berlin at a Christmas market. Who in their right frame of mind would do that? A week before what’s meant to be one of the happiest times of the year turned into a complete tragedy.

2017 has seen two more terrorist attacks by the so-called scum we call ISIS. The first in London where a driver drove into innocent pedestrians before getting out and killing a police officer on duty whilst protecting MP’s in Westminster. The second attack in Manchester where a suicide bomber detonates his bomb at a concert where most those injured were either young adults or children. They’re meant to be having the night of their lives and then either ending up injured or even worse, dead. They’re kids for Christ sake! They don’t deserve something like this to happen to them…

Looking through comments on Facebook today on various news stories and seeing that family members and friends are still missing or have died from what happen last night in Manchester makes me upset. No parent should have to bury their own kids, it should be the other way around. Also, listening to different radio stations today you can tell on them that the presenters are shaken up by last night’s events. They’re a lot calmer then they usually are and not hyped up about different things compared to other days.

These terrorists are “Evil Losers” (President Donald Trump) and they should not be allowed to live. What has happened over the past two years is completely heart-breaking. Terrorists want to ruin our freedom, but what they don’t realise, whenever they do something like this, they try to make us afraid, but instead, they make us stronger. They make us more determined to continue with our lives and go about with our jobs and our freedom.

We stand against Terrorism, and we Pray for those who have lost their lives or have been injured during these tragedies. #PrayforLondon #PrayforManchester #PrayforParis #PrayforBerlin #PrayforBrussels #Prayfortheworld
















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