Summer 2016 holiday to Andalucia

During the summer of 2016, we went to Andalucia in the Costa Del Sol region of Spain. We had already been to Spain to get to Andorra for our skiing holidays but never on a summer holiday. There was meant to be seven of us going but ended up being three of us due to one of our party members mucking up their holiday dates. Even though it was just the three of us, it was still an enjoyable holiday! On the first day, despite putting loads of Sun Cream on, I still ended up getting burnt- which usually prompts me to stay out of the sun for the rest of the week. Despite this, I had managed to find an English speaking channel and watched a film everyday from 16:00.

The first three days of the holiday we had decided to go out and explore the different parts of Andalucia, one of the places was called Cadiz, which is actually shown at the start of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides! The city had lots of tiny streets to explore, and huge historical buildings to look at and gaze in wonder on how old they are!

It’s taken a long time to create a video for this holiday because i’ve been rather busy with looking for jobs and enjoying time out from everything for while! Enjoy!

Most of the videos I make I don’t use an expensive camcorder or camera to do filming, most of what you see is taken on a smart phone camera, and this just shows how good a quality smart phone cameras can be!


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